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One of the most extraordinary journeys on the face of the globe

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Travelling on the Trans-Siberian Express is one of the great world adventures...

... a journey out of the ordinary...

... that stretches from the splendour of Imperial Russia

... across the lands of Ghengis Khan...

Over the nomadic steppes of Mongolia...

... and into the forbidden city

Travel 10 time zones,

two continents

ford rivers,

pass towns and cities...

... through mountain ranges...

and across vast wildernesses

It's a journey that fuses...

... the magical

... and the mundane

... and the mundane

You'll visit renowned landmarks...

and explore great cities

... but it's when you step off the train

... that the adventure really starts

You'll discover hidden gems...

... encounter the weird...

... and the wonderful

... and the wonderful

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Did you watch Joanna Lumley take her own personal journey travelling from Hong Kong to Moscow on the Trans-Siberian Express on ITV recently? This has been the stuff of dreams we`re sure you would agree.

We have a team of experts waiting to help plan your own adventure on the worlds longest train journey , there are trains and budgets to fulfil any style of travellers dream.

Russia Experience has been offering unusual and exciting itineraries to Russia, Mongolia, and China using the Trans-Siberian Express for more than 20 years. We are based in the UK, with expert staff on hand to guide you through the booking and visa process, and advise you on a route and the destination choices based on years of experience that would suit you. We know all of the stops along the way personally and all styles of travel on this epic journey. We can help fulfil a dream or inspire a new adventure for all travellers using the most famous train route in the world.

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Featured Journeys

Classic Big Trans-Siberian
St. Petersburg to Beijing

18 Days
St. Petersburg to Beijing Classic stops and bursting with rich content in between.
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Classic Super Trans-Siberian
Beijing to St. Petersburg

21 Days
We call it ‘”super” because, well, we believe it is – everything we trust is on your Trans-Siberian wish list with the added bonus of...
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Golden Eagle
Vladivostok to Moscow

15 Days
Undoubtedly the world’s greatest railway journey, the Trans-Siberian Railway runs like a steel ribbon across mysterious Russia connecting west...
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Life on board Classic Trans-Siberian

Life on board – The Classic Trans-Siberian Express   The trans-siberian railway

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