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Destination Guides: Russia China Mongolia

Classic Big Trans-Siberian

St. Petersburg to Beijing

Classic stops and bursting with rich content in between.

Classic Naadam Train

Moscow to Beijing

Experience the unique Naadam festival - the biggest holiday of the Mongolian calendar.

Golden Eagle

Moscow to Vladivostok

Travelling through eight time zones, an incredible distance of 6,500 miles (11,000km) through Russia and Mongolia.

Tsars Gold

Moscow to Beijing

Take this journey of a lifetime on Tsars Gold and experience Russia, Mongolia and China while enjoying comfortable surroundings.

Visa Information

Free visa processing until 30 Sep 2014 for all UK based clients

Free visa processing until 30 Sep 2014 for all UK based clients

Life on board

The Trans-Sib

The Trans-Siberian Express is an adventure in itself


For all the why's and wherefore's

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