One of the most extraordinary journeys on the face of the globe

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Travelling on the Trans-Siberian Express is one of the great world adventures...

... a journey out of the ordinary...

... that stretches from the splendour of Imperial Russia

... across the lands of Ghengis Khan...

Classic Trans-Siberian

Over the nomadic steppes of Mongolia...

Trans-Siberian Railway

... and into the forbidden city

Travel 10 time zones,

two continents

ford rivers,

pass towns and cities...

... through mountain ranges...

and across vast wildernesses

It's a journey that fuses...

... the magical

... and the mundane

... and the mundane

You'll visit renowned landmarks...

and explore great cities

... but it's when you step off the train

... that the adventure really starts

You'll discover hidden gems...

... encounter the weird...

... and the wonderful

... and the wonderful

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Russia Experience has been offering unusual and exciting itineraries to Russia, Mongolia and China using the Trans-Siberian Express for more than 20 years. We are based in the UK, with expert staff on hand to guide you through the booking and visa process, as well as being about to advise you on the route and destination choices that would suit you best. All our advisors have personal knowledge of each and every stop along the route. We can help you fulfil your dream or inspire you to a new adventure on the most famous railway route in the world.

We look forward to helping you plan this iconic journey.

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Trans-Siberian Railway

Classic Trans-Siberian Trips

The experience on these trips is as much off the train where you stop, as on-board and the professionals who have worked with us for many years arranging excursion options for the Full On trips can make these breaks as adventurous or sedate as you like!

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Trans-Siberian Rail Cruises

The Rail Cruise style is for clients who like the camaraderie of a group and each stop organised for them in advance with a full day to day itinerary which includes 42 meals throughout the trip and a full excursion programme in the trip cost.

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Trans-Siberian Railway
Trans-Siberian Railway

Luxury Trans-Siberian Rail Cruises

Unpack just the once and settle into your well appointed and comfortable en-suite cabin as you begin this voyage of a lifetime. The train was launched by the Duke of Kent in 2007 and has proved to be a huge success. Passengers travel from all over the world to experience the famous train.

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Even after the implosion of the USSR, Russia remains the largest country in the world – covering the most distance.

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Mongolia is more than five times the size of contemporary Germany making it one of the most sparsely-populated countries on earth.

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China is one of the world’s most long-established and sophisticated cultures – it has a lot to offer as a travel destination.

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Trans-Siberian Railway

Interactive Map

Check out our interactive map where you can see the destinations that are possible along the way and reveal information about these towns and cities. If your taking a Classic Style journey we use combinations of local trains so any stops en-route are possible, however on the Rail Cruises you need to stay with their pre-planned itineraries.

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Life on board Classic Trans-Siberian

Life on board – The Classic Trans-Siberian Express - The trans-siberian railway

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