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About Us

Responsible Travel


The Russia Experience has been about surface travel since we first began, with a heavy accent on famous rail routes long before this became an issue of current concern - so we already feel we have something of a head start when it comes to responsible tourism.

But we also know that there is much more to being a responsible tourist – and tour operator – than the method used to get from A to B. And possibly because we have long-established links with the local agents and people with whom we do business we feel a special duty to add rather than detract, maximise rather than reduce and contribute rather than take.

Similarly, we know it would be naive and impractical to suggest that our journeys are entirely environmentally friendly. And it would wrong if we didn’t point out that our Classic Trans-Siberian journeys travel on-board the working train used by both locals and tourists and that there are things over which we have no control.  Our Rail Cruise and Luxury Rail Cruise journeys travel on-board chartered private trains.

We use locally-owned hotels and we aim to play our role in the creation of employment opportunities by using local ground agents, guides and drivers, as well as working with individuals and families who welcome our clients into their homes.

We encourage you to research the places you will be visiting, the customs and traditions, and the religious and cultural influences. We want to both preserve and respect them. We ask you to do the same while enjoying the locations, people and experiences encountered on this very special journey.

If, as a result of your trip, you have a suggestion as to how we might improve our environmental credentials please do let us know.

What you say about us


“Worrying about my carbon foot-print, I decided to research travelling back from Japan, after two years teaching, by land. The best idea I ever had!! Made possible by Russia Experience in June 2007. Highlight for me was the surprise birthday cake at the Mongolian Ger camp, what a 30th birthday, thanks guys.”

Tina (Teacher from Japan)

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