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Before you go

Travel Check List


There is nothing more frustrating than arriving at your destination and realising that you left something behind. You may have created your own packing checklist, if not, here are a few ideas to help you take the worry out of packing and let you concentrate on enjoying your trip as much as possible.

  • Money belt that fits under your clothes to keep passport and money safe.
  • Money USD dollars (New notes, low denominations. Euros for Moscow and St. Petersburg. Traveller`s cheques are of very little use)
  • First aid kit. Keep all drugs in original wrappers to avoid confusion at the border. Include sealed needles.
  • Any prescription drugs you might need
  • Student ID (ISIC) if you are entitled to one!
  • Batteries if they are not standard AA or AAA
  • Insect repellent and antihistamine cream (May -September)
  • Sun cream and a hat (April- September)
  • Heat proof mug and coffee, creamer, tea, sugar
  • Swiss army knife (packed in main luggage for the flight)
  • Photocopy of passport, airline ticket and insurance documents
  • Flip flops, wet wipes, “magic towel”, toilet roll, a parking bath plug, paper towels
  • Torch, squeezy window cleaner (Train windows get very dirty not making for a great view!)
  • Small gift for your host if stay with a family IE: Soap, chocolates, good coffee and always a bottle of something is most welcome!
  • Chilli sauce to perk up bland food and a bag of supermarket goodies to jolly you along: crackers, fruit, marmite (vegemite), nuts etc





Smart trainers/or walking boots if you are on a trek.



Make sure you have ridged soles. Temperature –40 is not a surprise in Siberia and Mongolia, so a down parka with a hood, thermal hat and gloves and a scarf. Summer can in conversely be hot, so light clothes and maybe a waterproof jacket and an umbrella. Also a day pack is most useful.

Did you know

Russia has the only Museum Of Mice. It’s at the village of Myshkin (“Mousey”) near Kostroma.

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