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 Russia Experience means:

  • trips for individual travellers
  • supported on-site by local staff
  • responsible and sustainable
  • local cultures and peoples
  • full visa and admin back-up

We're quite unlike "normal" travel companies. We have no group tours, no group leaders, and no fixed departure dates. We work exclusively with local partners in all our destinations - you'll be met and assisted at each step along the way by local experts. Our trips are operated responsibly and sustainably - not only do they create negligible negative impact on the destinations, they also create local employment at fair wages. Unlike most other travel companies, we have a policy of working directly with all our destinations, and not subcontracting through some central organisation - which means direct input on fantastic trip-inclusions for us, a closer control of operational standards locally for you, and a cash inflow into the local economy which makes a real difference for them. However, just because some of our destinations are remote, obscure, rarely-visited or hard to get to, is no excuse for bad service. Part of the reason that we get such great feedback from our clients is because the local partners we work with want to do a great job, because it’s in their interests too - and that we have staff with over 15 years specialist experience of travel in these areas. ALL the staff who work for us have been to these destinations themselves. We don't have any political agenda, we're unaffiliated to any "state" companies, and we also like to think we keep a sense of humour about these great destinations!

These are just some activities you'll find on our trips:



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