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All of our trips have a pre-arranged schedule. However if you would like to customise your journey, please let us know how by either calling us on 020 8566 8846 or emailing us


The Russia Experience does not sell airline tickets as there are so many ways you use the journey.
You might travel across Russia from one side to the other? Or take the train down to Asia? You can commence the trip in either direction we start the trips either way.     
Or maybe you are going by train all the way from the UK to Russia and need a flight home eventually? Is this the start of a Round the World journey? Or the trip of a lifetime in its own right?
Anyway we are aware sometimes the flight prices you are obtaining might seem prohibitive?
If that is the case let us give you some advice – often it is NOT cost effective to check costs directly with the airline web sites as they price the journey as two one way air fares.  Not a good idea.
If you would like to get a competitive price for flights travel agents hold specially negotiated Trans-Siberian Air fares.
 UK to Moscow or St Petersburg then returning from  Beijing/Shanghai / Hong Kong or Vladivostok. These should be much more attractive to you when doing your costing.
We work very closely with Global Travel for airfares for many of our clients and if you would like to check with them for air fares for your trip please call 01284 748 700 or email mark@mango.gtmail.co.uk
We hope that helps you and for all Trans-Siberian enquires contact
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